Albumentations is widely used in research areas related to computer vision and deep learning. If you find this library useful for your research, please consider citing:

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List of papers that cite Albumentations

1. Camera Model Identification Using Convolutional Neural Networks.

October 2018 - A Kuzin, A Fattakhov, I Kibardin.

3. Automatic salt deposits segmentation: A deep learning approach.

December 2018 - M Karchevskiy, I Ashrapov, L Kozinkin.

17. Physical Cue based Depth-Sensing by Color Coding with Deaberration Network.

August 2019 - N Mishima, T Kozakaya, A Moriya, R Okada.

21. A load frame for in situ tomography at PETRA III.

September 2019 - J Moosmann, DCF Wieland.

23. 残差密集相对平均 CGAN 的图像配准方法.

September 2019 - 王丽芳, 张程程, 秦品乐, 蔺素珍, 高媛, 窦杰亮.